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Hopefully so, the service is simple to use and easy to understand, but sometimes it can be useful to get some help to save time. Below, we’ve collected the most frequent questions and answers

How do I log in?

You use your email as well as the temporary password you received in an email from secure.lxir.se. Email is sent if you are a new user or if you requested a new password. If you have logged in previously, use the password you changed at first logon.

I don’t remember my password, how do I do?

Go to secure.lxir.se and click on the link below the login fields. Enter the email address you are registered with an a new temporary password will now be sent to your email.

I want to change my password how do I do?

When you are logged into Secure, there is a link on the right side of the page to change your password. When you switch, you must provide your current password. This is the password you have just logged in with. The new password should be filled in twice and it must contain at least 6 characters with at least two characters must be uppercase, number, or special character. These two must be one of every two capital letters or two digits. Example: xxXxx1 X1xxxx xxxx5 &

I need access to multiple systems do I need different user names and passwords?

No you can log into our system using a single user account. Access the system via Secure and then all the systems you have access to should be in one place.
If you need access to a variety of clients in the warehouse, we can create aliases to them and you may then choose which you want to log on after you click the warehouse button. If you need several clients ,  then you make the choice when you log into the system

I am unable to login even though I got a new password on email how do I?

If you are not successful after the new password, you can call us at support. +4636 13 93 02

I have requested a new password but there is nothing what do I do then?

Look in the junk mail and other email. If it is not there, you call us at support at +463613 93 02  and we will send a temporary password to you and guides you through login.


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