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Welcome to Extend Commerce Support

It is not always easy to understand how everything is connected. That's why we're here.

Knowledge center

Our support consists of experts who have been involved in developing the Extend Commerce Platform and we are happy to help you!

To take part of our experience and knowledge, you can visit our knowledge center.

Here you will find instructions and tutorial to help you use the system. Through our encyclopedia you get an overview and good information about how it is connected.

To save your time, we have gathered some of the most common questions in our FAQ, such as:

o How do I log in?

o My customers are not shown, why?

o How do I know that the invoice has been sent?

o How do I access the Customer portal?


Extend Commerce Customer portal

As an Extend Commerce customer, you will be logged in to our Customer portal. Here you register your case which you then can follow online.

We categorize cases into three categories to get you the right support.

1. Support (CS)

Here you register common support issues such as troubleshooting or general help in the system.

2. Report system bug (BUG)

If you discover a technical fault in Extend Commerce, we check it immediately.

3. Request for change (RFC)

We always strive to develop and meet your wishes. Here you register a case if you have a request for change.

Extend Commerce Support then returns with a time estimate of the change and awaits your approval.

The Extend Commerce Customer portal
Contact us to access the Customer portal Contact us

If you want to reach us quickly - Chat with Extend Commerce Support

In the right corner of our website and above the main menu when you are logged into the Extend Commerce platform you will find our chat function. Here we can tell you more about Extend Commerce and answer simple questions about the platform.

Do you have other thoughts or do you want to talk to someone?

As a customer of Extend Commerce, we want you to feel that you are well taken care of. Our support department is here for your business every weekday during the year. Should the situation be acute, we naturally help even during weekends.



Opening hours: Weekdays at. 8:00 – 16:00