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This is Extend Commerce.

Development every day, since 1999.

In everything we do, the starting point is that we want to help our customers have control of their processes, create opportunities and be able to grow. Since 1999, we have been developing our platform with digitalization as a driving force. Our service is under constant development, and with around 7500 hours of improvement of our business system annually, we currently have a stable and complete service. We are today a well-established player, and we dare to say that we are absolutely leaders in our field.


Business systems do not have to be consultant-intensive – or take a long time

We at Extend Commerce want to make it easy, cost-effective and fast to change business systems. Therefore, we work in a different way compared to many others. We own and operate our applications ourselves, and we invest heavily in developing the system continuously. We have ten releases per year, which means that the system is constantly evolving, which guarantees that our customers can have at least as relevant a system in ten years as today. Getting started with the platform is a smooth process, and there will be no surprises with costly updates or consulting projects.


Extend Commerce & our applications

Behind the cloud ERP, WMS and B2B Webshop is Extend Commerce. We have our head office in Växjö and offices in Stockholm and Jönköping. We are a strong team of twenty people.


Work with us

Do you like to think inside and outside boxes? Good! Do you like to think about boxes and other things that are going from A to B and then on? Even better! We are a strong team with lots of knowledge and experience. We would like to find new colleagues who want to think new in logistics, order management, IT or financial management.

Curious about Extend Commerce, and how we can develop together?

Want to know more about Extend Commerce?

Contact Gabriel Andersson, CEO of tel. +46 76 310 19 29 or e-mail:

Give us 30 minutes – and find new growth opportunities. Book 30 minutes and we will tell you how we help you grow.

Here we are

Our head office is located in Växjö, and you will also find us in Stockholm and Jönköping and since fall 2023 also in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you want to meet online, send us an email, and we will find a time that suits you.

Växjö / Head office

Our Head office is located in the city center of Växjö just a few minutes walk from the station. Here we focus on the implementation of new customers and projects towards existing customers. Here you will also find our customer service / support.

Stockholm / Marketing & Sales

Our office in Stockholm can be found centrally, at Grev Turegatan 30. Here we focus on marketing, sales and implementation of new customers.

Jönköping / Development & Sales

Our office is centrally located in Jönköping, just a few minutes from the train station, on Brunnsgatan 17/Fabriksgatan 6.

At the Jönköping office focus is on development and sales.

Copenhagen – Sales

Our office in Copenhagen is centrally located at Højbro Pl. 10.

Here we focus on sales.

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Extend Commerce Sverige AB Customer ID FRX2800 FE 301 105 69 Stockholm

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