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About Extend Commerce

For 20 years we have been helping our customers!

Extend Commerce is a Swedish company that has developed a service to automatically check and synchronize inventory, financial and order information against several partners, channels and markets.

With real-time information and built-in logic, we give companies control over their business processes. The opportunity to follow the processes in real time provides good conditions for optimizing and developing your business. Because the service is flexible and modular, you can easily grow with Extend Commerce, and you only pay for the functionality you need – when you need it.


We describe Extend

The XTND Platform

– A company’s “highway” where all master data and article information flows between sales, supplier, transport and warehouse.

– A converter that synchronizes many different processes and data from both internal and external sources and makes it a whole.

– An internet software with easy access.

– An independent and flexible platform that can be integrated with , webshops, accounting applications, CTM and many more systems.

– Creates transparency, control and support for advanced and automated processes.


Clarity – honesty, openness, transparency

Flexibility – freedom of choice, adaptation, innovation

Make a difference – responsible, reliable, efficient



Want to know more about Extend Commerce?

Contact Gabriel Andersson, CEO at tel. +46 76 310 19 29 or e-mail:

What do we mean by “Extend – Think small”

For us, Think small means an approach that goes through everything we do!


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