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Digitize your financial services

We have digitized analog processes for over 10 years for customers like Santander and Nordea.

We are the finance companies’ webshop, that is, we are front-end companies that  can sell your services through partners and handle business efficiently. Here you can create offers, manage regulations for interest calculations, set your own decision support models and simulation possibilities for the finance company or partner to be able to optimize the deal. Extend Commerce is happy to help you make it economically rational and you as a customer can set up your own credit for credit decisions. Since Extend Commerce (formerly under the name Smartwork) has worked in the industry for many years, we can workflow for processes and in the end we create a finished credit agreement that finance companies can start to invoice from.

The solution works as a complete collaboration platform for financial services around credit services such as leasing, installment and factoring.


With our solutions you can streamline your business dramatically. Our features such as purchase agreement details are moved seamlessly to billing systems, in combination with real-time validation towards customer-specific decision models, this reduces manual management and improves the quality services.

Security and responsibility

We are a Cloud service that is constantly revised and reviewed, you can trust us. With our cloud service, all the development we have made for different customers in all years is available i our platform. There are many years of accumulated knowledge and functionality. With hundreds of processes handled daily in the platform, you can get access to thousands of hours of problem solving, and all our customers share the cost of our operation that meets your high standards.

Finished connections

In the platform, there are many ready-made standard connections to leading suppliers for calculating credit decisions. This makes it easier and cheaper to get started with the platform.

In our business, time to market is a great competitive advantage and with Extend Commerce as a partner we have shortened the time for development by having themselves within our branch. This allows them to propose and make changes themselves. That we also have operational reliability of 99,8% is cleary no disadvantage either.

— Rolf Niden, Santander Bank

Extend Commerce eKredit™

Santander Bank is the market leader in leasing for car purchases. The fully digitized eKredit solution is based on a long collaboration between Extend Commerce and  Santander. Read more White Paper (SE version)



eKredit ™ our most advanced application of “integrated form logic”. We have packaged this as a ready-made service for managing the entire business process for financial agreements, such as rent and lease agreements. We handle the decision-making process of the creditor, the borrower and the work process for the reseller of the credit.


We use BankID as the signing method when the form must be signed in a legally sustainable manner. We also provide services for integrated printing functions.

Integrated Form Logic

We build in logic, link to other data sources and interact with public data services. All this to build advanced applications of the business process in connection with the use of digital forms. Forms have a legal value, which does not have a “regular” page in an IT system.


Use our Workflow to build up workflows for digital forms within and outside your organization. Certificate flows, approval and other similar steps are common in a workflow for forms. All forms are stored archive-proof, both in terms of the form design and the content (metadata) on our servers that are located in Sweden. We handle information security according to ISO / IEC 27000.

Form Design

Form Design is about traditional design of forms. We normally design digital forms, but many forms are also legal documents and can be printed exactly as the design is on display. This requires both knowledge and the right tools.

Distributed decisions

Making a decision is easy. Administering and following the rules for quality assurance and follow-up on why decisions were taken and on what grounds the decision was made is more difficult. With Extend Commerce’s Distributed decision you can set up rules for how decisions can be made (so-called scoring models). Give users across the organization tools to make decisions in real time when you have the customer in front of them. At the same time, all known data are stored around the decision and we ensure that the data is available for recreation.

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