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Stylein grows and builds its ecosystem with Extend and Fortnox

Stylein has many different sales channels and we keep track of all orders, purchase and stock via Extend and everything is integrated with Fortnox.
Elin Almedar, CEO, Chief of Design

"Multichannel sales and everything in one place!"

For us, it is important that we keep track of all incoming inquiries, orders and purchases and that we have real-time synergy with our third-party warehouses from where we distribute to the whole world. With Extend we have a system that becomes "center of gravity" which means that we have control and can focus on our business.
Johan Nihlén, CEO and founder Altered

Digitized inventory allows for flexibility and growth

To get the right conditions in our business, good logistics processes and systems are crucial and therefore we chose to run our new innovative processes using Extend and their fully digitized functions for purchasing, warehousing and distribution.
Jonas Hammargren, CEO of Fodi

Built for growth

By “think small” we mean that you can connect to the functions you need right now. If you grow your business, you only add the necessary services. And it’s easy! No complicated installations and programs are needed. Everything is in the cloud and can be reached from wherever you are, in the summer cottage or in Cape Town – equally accessible everywhere!

Knowledge & competence

Let  Extend be the experts on the systems! This is what we can do. Then you can focus on what you are passionate about and spend time developing your business. We have many customers, all with different needs and our experts have spent thousands of hours developing a service that can be adapted to our customers’ different conditions.

All in one place

One of the many challenges facing companies is keeping track of everything, from e-commerce and warehouse, to logistics and the finance. This is where Extend comes in! Extend gathers everything in one place and gives you total overview when you can track all processes in real time. Through control, you create the conditions for developing your business in the right direction.

Extend in two minutes


Standard integration based on the Shopify’s API. Extend has built in flexibility around, among other things, which status should trigger the integration. When an order is placed in Shopify, a real-time update of balance is triggered, which means that the balance shown in the webshop is always correct. The information from the webshop is forwarded to an external warehouse for balancing or finance systems for invoicing and matching / settlement against Klarna, Stripe etc. This is matched via separate API via external supplier. Read more about the integration


Does your company deal with goods and want a solution that will help you today and tomorrow? Then you should choose Extend in combination with Fortnox. Fortnox handles the financial transactions and Extend orders, inventory and balance. Together, the systems become a perfect combination for building a business-critical ecosystem, simply the new business system. Red more about Fortnox & Extend


Ongoing is the most common storage system used by third-party logistics in Sweden. Through Extend’s link to Ongoing, customers can easily integrate their external warehouse, which makes it possible to sync the stock to Extend regarding communication during order placement and feedback from Ongoing during stock events. Read more about Ongoing


In the future, we see different ecosystems of services that each are experts in their specific process but that can be linked and exchange information. Extend already has many ready-made connections to both systems and industrial operators. Read more about integration


In order to get a functioning system, all sales channels must be integrated and synchronized towards storage. By collecting all data for article, customer and supplier in one place and creating regulations and logic, sales in several channels are facilitated. Read more about multikanal

Order Management

To keep many balls in the air is crusial when driving a business. By gathering all the information in the same place you get a total control of the company’s processes, from order to invoicing. Read more about Order management