Why choose Extend?

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Do you want to spend time and money on research, specifications and development, or do you want to get to work?

With Extend you get all the functionality you’ll ever need in one simple platform. Tell us what you need, and our experts will put together a package that suits you. With our platform we are certain that you’ll be up and running faster than with any other product on the market.


What you need. When you need it.

Large supply chain systems are complex. And adding functionality as you go can be costly. As experts in logistics we often see companies that need to change system entirely when their needs change over time.

That’s why we built Extend in smaller modules that you can add over time. That way you get what you need today, and can extend with what you need tomorrow. Instant future proof, and of course you only pay for what you use.

Be smart. Think Small. Extend.


Our system is built for growth

If you’re not sure if out platform can handle it, just look at our customers. Large complex companies like Svenska Spel and Selecta. Niche players with specific requirements like Santander and Scanbio. But also smaller fast growing companies with a big future planed. Like Bookman.

So whatever your needs, give our experts a call and we’ll put together a solution that fits you. And the best part of it all: with Extend you’ll never ever need to change supply chain platform again.

Built by experts in logistics


We take responsibility. Extend isn’t just a tech platform. We’re a company built by senior experts in logistics. That means we can help you with strategic consultation, implementation, processes and education. Whatever industry your in or challenge you face, give us a call. Of course we can also make adaptations and developments according to specific requirements.

Let others do the hard work

In our cloud service everything we have developed for different clients over the years is readily available. That is years of accumulated knowledge and functionality. And with hundreds of different processes running daily in the platform, you get access to thousands of hours of problem solving. Right of the bat. If that’s not smart, we don’t know what is.

Some say morning dew is magic. Others say it represents happiness. To us, it’s a fresh way of managing your business. New thoughts. New opportunities. Check out our new release!

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Key figures for the platform rolling 12 months

Extend in two minutes.


Customers using Extend for their business processes get:

  • Improved business processes
  • Lowered transaction costs
  • Increased service functionality for customers and suppliers
  • Simplified and reduced administration
  • Optimized logistics and lowered costs
  • Increased sales
  • Better purchasing

Read more on our product overview.

Industry specific solutions

Extend has customized solutions for many different industries. But we also develop special solutions for functions such as supply, shipping and inventory. In all cases we streamline business processes in an intelligent and flexible way.  And we always help you grow. Learn more about our industry solutions below.





Custom solutions


What can we do for you? Contact us


Our customers well being is depending on their processes, that administrative and logistic flows are optimized, and that everyday rolls smoothly. That is what we deliver.


Extend eKredit

Santander Bank is a market leader in car leasing. Based on a long collaboration we have developed a fully digitized credit solution called eKredit. Now available for all Extend finance customer.

Read more about the solution (in Swedish)