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A cloud-based business system for orders, inventory and purchases

Together we make your business grow

Gather inventory, sales channels, and flows in the same system.

Extend Commerce develops and delivers business system that gives you control over your sales channels, inventory and business – and creates opportunities to grow. With our applications, you can follow how orders, goods and purchases flow in your company, and reduce administration and manual handling.

A smart deal

Extend Commerce gathers everything in one place and gives you a total overview of orders from all your channels, inventory, purchasing / supply and finances. Always in real time, and with a focus on operational efficiency. We offer you with physical goods full control from order to delivery.

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We help small and medium-sized companies in various industries – from retail and trading to FMCG, alcoholic beverages and pharma. Our ERP is optimized to handle trade between countries, markets and verticals, and with more than twenty years of experience and development, we know that it is the details that make the difference.

Is Extend Commerce right for you?

»Think Small.« Go Big!

The business system for the future is based on collaboration – and on the simple principle: »Think Small«. This means that you start where you stand, and then add additional functionalities when you need it. Extend Commerce is designed for integration and we have a number of standard connectors as well as open interfaces / APIs.

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A unified solution – regardless of industry

Extend Commerce  is a general business system with a focus on streamlining and optimizing your flows – regardless of which industry you are active in. We help you manage everything from batches, best before dates and excise taxes to currencies and international trade. Here you can read more about our solutions for different business areas.

Wholesalers & Retail
With Extend Commerce, you get an overview of the entire process, and can follow all flows – from order to final payment – in real time.
Support for certification such as GMP/GDP, batch number and serial number, full control throughout the chain and down to the product level.
EDI connection to major players in grocery retail, support for batch numbers and best before dates.
Alcoholic beverages
Integration to Systembolaget and solutions that facilitate sales, complaints and collaborations with HoReCA customers.
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Extend Commere is built for integration


Building your business system should be easy – and cost-effective! To optimize Extend Commerce, we have created a number of standard connectors and have open interfaces / APIs that other systems can integrate against. We collaborate with a number of leading operators, systems and platforms, and we are happy to guide you to a good combination. Below you can see a selection of actors that we have standard integrations for.

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Fortnox & Extend Commerce

By combining Extend Commerce and Fortnox, you can create a completely cloud-based business system for your most important processes, with reduced administration without compromising on functionality. The entire flow is automated: from the order being placed, when the invoice is marked as paid to your money being in the bank.

All data is synchronized in real time and you can follow accounts receivable and accounts payable with high precision in Fortnox. Here, all financial records are matched against Extend Commerce and you constantly keep track of your invoices and their status and the value of your inventory. And together we create a very strong business system.


 Fortnox & Extend Commerce — a complete business system. Read more about how to create a complete business system

Some of our collaborations.

Flattered triples sales and grows internationally

Flattered’s design language has a clear Scandinavian heritage, classic expression and a relaxed approach to fashion. The shoes are made by hand in Spain, the rest is taken care of from Stockholm. In recent years, sales have picked up considerably and sales have more than tripled since 2019. Today, around seventy-five percent of purchases are made through Flattered’s own sales channels, and recently the US overtook Germany as the company’s largest market.

-We want the brand’s playful approach to fashion to permeate everything related to Flattered. From the experience in the web shop, to the smoothness of both delivery and return, says Gustav Lidén, CEO and one of the company’s founders.

With tripled sales in just a few years, several warehouses and multiple sales channels, the company needed to take a comprehensive grip on orders, inventory and purchases,

-We had been working with Fortnox for a long time and it worked well, but in order to take the next step, we needed to collect orders, inventory and purchases. The choice fell on Extend Commerce, which could also be integrated with Fortnox, says Gustav Lidén.

Learn more about the growth of Flattered

Spares streamlines logistics – and can grow further

Since 2015, Spares sells spare parts and accessories for mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices online. Both under its own name, but also via and the e-commerce platform With an almost infinite number of variations and models, the warehouse is constantly changing.

Customers include both companies and individuals and now the aim is set on more customer groups, marketplaces and sales channels – and new opportunities to grow. One step in that direction is a close collaboration with Extend Commerce.

-We had a different business system before, but it didn’t work quite as we wanted. Then we started looking around and found Extend Commerce. On one hand, we liked the personal contact and expertise, and on the other hand, the product itself, says Talal Alshammari, CEO and founder of Spares Nordic.

When you change systems, you also need to look ahead, and think “where are we in X number of years?”, and ensure that the system can handle it. Now we’ve had the new business system for a while, and our first impression hasn’t changed.

Read more about Spares' growth journey
Fast credit flows, large volumes and high security
Since 2004, Santander Consumer Bank has been using eKredit to create, control and grant credit.
Full control, efficient administration and growth
Altered enables extreme savings of water and energy and the company has in a short time established itself globally.
Integrated webshop and fully automatic invoicing
Agrol has automated its business flows – from receipt through orders and delivery to invoicing and accounting.
Solar turns challenges into opportunities
Solar chooses solutions that provide increased customer proximity, improved service levels for stock goods and reduced tied-up capital.
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Magnificent solutions and small details, since 1999.

Over the past twenty years, we have developed and refined our solutions, so we know that the difference lies in the details. Along the way, we have faced – and dealt with – the many challenges of digital development and not least global trade flows. Today we have the market’s best system for managing orders, inventory and purchases.

Our customers are in different industries and have different conditions, but they have one thing in common: they place very high demands on us as a supplier. We’re happy about that, and we work every day to meet their demands.

Extend Commerce is run by the owners, and since we manage the entire process 100%, we have full control over development, implementation and support. We strive to make everything as standardized and scalable as possible. This means that you only pay for what you use and avoid large – and costly – external consulting projects.

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