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Extend has many solutions that help you streamline your everyday life and gain control of your business. Extend is modular and built for growth!

Extend’s solutions spread across a wide spectrum, but what is common to our customers is that they need to be more efficient and improve the control of their orders from many sources, what we call multichannel sales and be able to make purchases and keep track of stocks. All this can be done in Extend but we also integrate with other applications in order to offer the functions and solutions you need. Below you see an overview of our most central solutions.


Does your company deal with goods and want a solution that will help you today and tomorrow? Then you should choose Extend in combination with Fortnox. Fortnox handles the financial transactions and Extend orders, inventory and balance. Together, the systems become a perfect combination for building a business-critical ecosystem, simply the new business system. Red more about Fortnox & Extend



E-commerce is today an obvious channel for most companies that sell to end customers, but it is also starting to be demanded to handle B2B sales. The potential of e-commerce is great, but there are also many challenges. The difference between being successful or not is ultimately about logistics, process and how to handle different types of order flows such as returns, back orders and part deliveries.

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In the future, we see different ecosystems of services that each are experts in their specific process but that can be linked and exchange information. Extend already has many ready-made connections to both systems and industrial operators.

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Extend suits those who need a warehouse management system tailored to ever-changing business requirements, whether you are a professional third-party logistics company or a small proprietary e-commerce company.

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In order to get a functioning system, all sales channels must be integrated and synchronized towards storage. By collecting all data for article, customer and supplier in one place and creating regulations and logic, sales in several channels are facilitated.

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Being able to connect your orders (purchases and customer orders) to a transport or shipment is crucial for getting a good overview and cost control. With Extend’s built-in transport management features, you have free access to all major carriers and can easily and efficiently book and send electronic transport bookings as well as print documents and labels without having to use third party software (TA systems).

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Accounting and analysis

Extend manages financial procedures so that you can focus on the business process instead of accounting. With the help of quality-assured functions, which comply with the ISO 27000 standard, everything is handled from invoicing, customer accounts, group accounting to electronic credit granting of various assets. All transaction management complies with the high demands of the financial industry and is revised annually by an external party.

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redovisning &analys

Inköp & lagerpåfyllnad

Att få nöjda kunder handlar till stor del om att kunna leverera rätt sak i rätt tid. En komplett översikt över inköp och lagerförsörjning är en förutsättning för att uppfylla kundens förväntningar. En ytterligare fördel är att du minskar kapitalbindningen! Läs mer om inköp & lagerpåfyllnad

Order Management

Det är många bollar som ska hållas i luften när man driver företag. Genom att samla all information på samma ställe får du en total kontroll över företagets processer, från order till slutfakturering. Läs mer om Order management

From day one we saw a global interest in our products. We chose Extend so that we could quickly get started with what we needed directly, at the same time as we got a system that can easily grow with us as we open new markets. For us, it is important that we keep track of all incoming inquiries, customer orders and purchases and that we have real-time synergy with our third-party warehouses from which we distribute to the whole world. The system helps us with reminders about purchases based on inventory levels. With Extend we have a system that becomes "center of gravity" which means that we have control and can focus on our business,

— Johan Nihlén, Founder & CEO of Altered
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