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Multichannels sales

In order to get a functioning system, all sales channels must be integrated and synchronized towards storage. By collecting all data for article, customer and supplier in one place and creating regulations and logic, sales in several channels are facilitaded.

What is multichannel?

An increasing number of companies today receive orders via several different channels such as shop, retailer, indoor sales and web shop. This means that you, as an entrepreneur, need to be able to handle all customer orders in real time in one place, an that the orders are continually synced to warehouses and allocate goods that are there. In order to avoid promising the customer goods that have been sold and which are no longer in stock.

The key to multichannel sales

The key to success for a functioning multichannel sale is to have a competent solution for order management. By collecting all orders in one place and syncronize towards the warehouse to see if the product is there or when it is back in stock, you create optimal conditions for a functioning business.

Integrated channels

A functioning multichannel sale assumes that all order sources, ie sales channels, are integrated. Extend Commerce ERP platform gathers all data, including master data, for article, customer, supplier, and creates rules and logic. Through our ready-made integrations, you can build your own ecosystem of applications. Examples of ready-made integrations for sales channels include e-commerce platforms Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, the cash register system Shopbox, as well as industrial connections to Ica, Axfood and Systembolaget.

Supply from the right place

The Extend Commerce ERP Platform helps you automate the process by connecting the sales channels and setting up where your products should be supplied, eg warehouse 1, warehouse 2 or store. If you want to depart from the rule, you make it easy on the order level.

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