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The perfect combination

Fortnox will help you with the accounting part.
We give you full control over the order and product flow so that you work with what you are best at.
Together it creates the modern ERP designed for multichannel and growth!


New opportunities

Your new business system!

Together, Fortnox & Extend Commerce offers functionality that you can expect from a business system that is at the forefront both today and tomorrow. The focus is on simplicity and reduced administration without compromising on the functional depth. What is completely unique is that you can automate the entire flow from the point where orders are added to the invoice being marked as paid when your money has entered the bank.

Both Extend Commerce and Fortnox are built so that you can start small and grow with your needs. In this ecosystem, it is possible to connect to services such as web shops, storage systems, CRM systems and cash register systems. Through ready integration, the solution is easily adapted to your business, which creates great opportunities for scalability for you as a user when the needs change.

Extend Commerce and Fortnox saw the possibilities early in the cloud and have for a long time developed smart and simple services that are available everywhere and all the time. As a result, you get a complete cloud-based business system where your employees can easily collaborate and a system that you can easily access if you are traveling.

Want to know more about our integration?

Unique integrated services are

Real time sync

Keep track of your inventory balance by collecting all orders from different sales channels to a single location.

Inventory balance

The Platform continuously keeps your stock balance current. Previously, an inventory was usually made once a year, with Extend Commerce and Fortnox you know the value of your stock in real time.

Supplier Invoice Matching

You can easily match your vendor invoices with what actually arrived at your warehouse and handle any deviations flagged in Fortnox.

Financial control

The combination of Extend Commerce and Fortnox enables automatic order synchronization with Fortnox’s accounting.

Simplified invoice distribution

Simplified invoice distribution via email, print or e-invoice and integrated financial services such as factoring.

Keep track of the economy and multichannel sales

Fortnox keeps track of your finances and Extend Commerce keeps track of your multichannel sales and purchases – as well as inventory and distribution.

Customize solution to your needs

We believe in building your own solution for applications that suit you and your company.

We have chosen to work with Extend Commerce as our new business system because we need to scale up and digitize ourselves, be more efficient and build an entire ecosystem of all our various applications such as Shopify and Fortnox. We are very pleased and very happy that we are now equipped to grow really big.

— Elin Alemdar, CEO, Chief of design
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