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Purchase & stock replenishment

Getting satified customers is largely being able to deliver the right thing at the right time. A complete overview of purchasing and stock supply is a prerequisite for fulfilling the customer's expactations. An additional advantage is that you reduce the capital tied up!

Get control of your inventory management

Automatic refill, always the right amount on the warehouse

Many companies have problems with having complete control over what they have in stock an when and how much to buy. With Extend Commerce ERP platform you can automatically order goods at certain levels or remind you that it is time to review your purchases. In the platform you set rules for your warehouse via the solution for automation of stock repleinishment. Enter basic data, lead time, create abnormal warnings, set up repleinishment and get an overview of our products, all per warehouse in the same location.

Proactivity & Control

Create your own e-mails sent based on various events like; deviations in the arrival reception, when the inventory balance reaches the security stock level, delayed limit in days or other relevant events. This makes it easy for you to stay up to date with delays or when correction is required. Inventory management helps you buy new procucts based on your rules and forecasts.

Ways of supplying

Trade with customers must be able to handle many differens ways of supply, such as stock deliveries, direct deliveries, consignement deliveries, digital deliveries, etc. Extend Commerce presents delivery time and opportunity for co-deliveries based on the customer’s needs and availibility regardless of the distribution method. This makes it possible to handle large quantities of goods regardless of which warehouse they are in.

Forecasts and fixed order points

To control purchases, fixed order points are used. If you do not want to work with fixed order points where system warn or buy at certain levels, you can link purchases to an estimated future consumption of your goods. You define this under forecasts in Extend Commerce. Forecasts can be countinously updated to reflect the coming need.


Dropshipping is a model that means that a distributor delivers goods directly to the end customer, on behalf of the buyer. this management reduces the capital tied up costs of handling gooods in stock. In some cases, you also want to coordinate the delivery of the product X coming from the supplier with a stockholding being Y. In Extend Commerce, the product is sent from supplier to warehouse in Sweden where it is repackaged and all goods in the delivery are brought together. This is called dropship or cross docking.

Purchase order, an important part of a tight process

Purchases and inventories are closely linked because the purchase is what triggers a stock replenishment. If you make the purchase in Extend Commerce ERP platform you can, when you receive the goods, easily scan these and place it as an expected delivery.

Purchase orders created in the platform can be sent as an email with attached file, or you can let the supplier log in to the purchase portal. There is all the information that you want the supplier to know, forecasts, documents, drawings etc. The supplier can, for example, edit / confirm purchase orders if only 100 of the ordered 120 items can be delivered in this order. Communication with the supplier can also be automated via EDI directly into its system (requires customization).

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If you are interested in integrating the supplier with EDI, ie sending the information electronically directly to their system, it can be done in different ways. The most common is that you send an order to them and that they send an order confirmation as well as a message stating details for goods that are sent or are ready for delivery. This can be done in several ways. If you are interested in integrating your supplier, contact us at and we will help you find the way that best suits your business.

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More logistics solutions


VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) means control of inventory that is physically controlled by customers. Our features support many of the different methods of managing this service. See how we help Solar and their customer Veab


Consignment stock

Possibility to set up multiple stocks that can be controlled and managed in the system just in the same way as distribution center.

Leadtime calculation & availability control

With Extend Commerce  you handle estimated and confirmed times of everything, such as orders and purchases from, for example, a supplier. It enables great control of the flow of goods.