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To understand what we do, look at some examples.

Extend Commerce helps customers in many industries and in varying sizes. Below you can find some examples of solutions for our customers.

Extend Commerce helps Altered save water worldwide!

Extend Commerce helps many exciting companies focus on their growth journey by streamlining their orders, purchasing and inventory processes.

The interest in Altered’s product is great, and the company has established itself globally  in a short time with partners like Ikea and large hotel chains. The product enables extreme savings of water and energy. Demand for their product, Altered: Nozzle that reduces water consumption in existing taps by 98 % without sacrificing function and experience, is found all over the world.

To be able to focus on their own growth journey, they realized early on that they needed a service  that handles all orders in one place and that purchasing and warehousing processes needed to be automated and optimized. As with many other start-ups, Altered therefore needed a complex business system right from the start, but without a massive budget.

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From day one we saw a global interest in our products. We chose Extend Commerce ERP platform so that we could quickly get started with what we needed directly, at the same time as we got a system that can easily grow with us as we open new markets. For us, it is important that we keep track of all incoming inquiries, customer orders and purchases and that we have real-time synergy with our third-party warehouses from which we distribute to the whole world. The system helps us with reminders about purchases based on inventory levels. With the platform we have a system that becomes "center of gravity" which means that we have control and can focus on our business.

— Johan Nihlén, Founder & CEO of Altered
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Stylein builds its ecosystem for growth


Stylein is a Swedish fashion brand with a focus on Scandinavian fashion that is sold worldwide.

Founded in New York 16 years ago, Stylein is headquartered in Stockholm. Stylein works in a global market with both B2C and B2B customers. Stylein chose Extend Commerce as  business system because of the need for scale and digitalisers, in order to be more efficient. Stylein has built an ecosystem with Extend Commerce as its starting point. The B2B shop is Shopify, the finance system is Fortnox and the third party store is managed in Ongoing. Stylein handles all orders via Extend Commerce regardless of whether it is a B2C order from Hong Kong or a B2B order from a consignment customer.

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We have chosen to work with Extend Commerce as our new business system because we need to scale up and digitize ourselves, be more efficient and build an entire ecosystem of all our various applications such as Shopify and Fortnox. We are super pleased and very happy that we are now equipped to grow really big.

— Elin Alemdar, CEO, Chief of design

Manage all your orders in one place!

Extend Commerce is designed to grow with your business, whether it be multiple channels, larger volumes or new products.

More cases

Extend Commerce creates exciting logistics solutions with Solar


Danish Solar turned 100 in 2019 and has a turnover of approximately SEK 20 billions. With Extend Commerce, Solar has made it possible to offer both consignment stock and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions for its customers. This has resulted in increased customer proximity, improved service levels for inventories and reduced capital tied up.

Solar’s challenge was to find a simple and scalable solution that enables control and optimized capital binding when several storage points, which are also available at the customer, are added.

The solution consisted of integrating Extend Commerce powerful and cloud-based software  with Solar’s SAP system, and utilizing Extend Commerce flexibility to control all new storage points and its replenishment through simple interfaces.
The platform makes it possible for Solar to offer solutions to streamline its customers by maintaining the supply chain concept of transmission stock and VMI. This is done, for example, through the ability to manage purchases from another supplier or to store the customer’s products, which are controlled by Solar.

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Solar's intelligent solution with Extend Commerce creates great value for VEAB


With the implementation of a new storage concept via Extend Commerce WMS, VEAB has the opportunity to increase competitiveness and reduce its total costs.

Read the full article on how Solar, together with Extend Commerce, increases competitiveness with an intelligent solution for inventory control.

“A more strategic management of the supply chain and the assignment task has been a good investment for the industrial company VEAB Heat Tech AB. This has contributed to increasing the company’s competitiveness and it will increasingly become a competitive parameter among industrial companies. ”- Business magazine SCM & Logistics | 9 – 26 November 2017

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Fast credit flows, large volumes and high security are important to Santander Consumer Bank


Santander Consumer Bank is the Nordic region’s largest vehicle financing company. When it comes to vehicle loans and leasing, the bank works exclusively with car dealers as a reseller, which places high demands on user friendliness and security throughout the business process. Santander has been using the system  since 2004 to create, control and grant credits.

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