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Integrate your third-party inventory for real-time sync

Keep track of your inventory in real time with a standard integration between Extend Commerce ERP platform and your logistics partner.

Inventory has always been a central part of Extend Commerce’s solution. We have our own Warehouse Management System (WMS) but we also integrate to other WMS to be able to offer an integrated solution also to other storage systems and 3PL:s. Because we work with this, we have good knowledge of processes and challenges. Today, we have links to many different 3PL:s who use our system as well as others, the most important thing for us is that we can deliver a strong overall solution where you as a customer have control over all your flows including stock balance and stock activities.


Ongoing is the most common WMS used by third-party logistics in Sweden. Through Extend Commerce’s link to Ongoing, customers can easily integrate their external warehouse, which makes it possible to sync the stock to Extend Commerce regarding communication during order placement and feedback from Ongoing during stock events.

How does the integration work?

The integration is based on Onging’s standard API, which Extend establishes as a “standard connection”.

All communication is via encrypted HTTPS. Here’s how the process looks like:cessen ut:

  1. Product information, update continuously (Extend Commerce ERP platform master)
  2. Order information, updated continuously in both directions.
  3. When picked, Extend Commerce ERP platform and the picking certificate are informed of the reduction of the stock and update of the cost of goods sold
  4. Extend Commerce ERP platform generates an invoice that is sent to Fortnox, where the logic is handled.
  5. Purchases create an expected delivery to Ongoing. It is updated continuously.
  6. When creating a deposit so… ..
  7. The balance of Extend Commerce ERP platform is updated and the platform creates an event that raises the inventory value. Extend Commerce can also do a revaluation of the stock (automatic product cost calculation based on the purchase and / or ex. Exchange rates. Since Extend Commerce gets info from Ongoing matched really submitted against ordered (purchases).
  8. Balance difference is managed with a daily reconciliation file where Extend Commerce updates differences based on the actual balance from Ongoing (master)

We have chosen to work with Extend Commerce ERP platform as our new business system because we need to scale up and digitize ourselves and be able to be more effective and to build an entire ecosystem of all our applications such as Ongoing and Fortnox. We are really pleased and very happy that we now are equipped to grow really big.

— Elin Alemdar, Stylein
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