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Just like frost turns into clear crystals, Extend Commerce contributes to a clearer future

About Frost

Digitization can make your everyday life clearer, more profitable and more fun. Simply a little more “crispy”.
We have learned that increased digitization of goods flows can reduce costs, increase revenues.
With complete control, a better basis for strategic decisions is reached.

Extend Commerce the movie

The Extend Commerce ecosystem continues to grow!

More and more applications are being integrated with Extend Commerce so that you as a customer can compose your own ecosystem. For example, most of Extend Commerce´s customers have sales to end customers via e-commerce platforms and in order to offer this as easily and quickly as possible, standard integration is an important factor.

In recent months, Extend Commerce has been connected to a number of different systems, including two of Sweden’s leading e-commerce platforms Jetshop and Askås.


In the integration to Jetshop, Extend Commerce is the master for prices and product information, which makes administration central and simple. The process works so that when an order is placed in Jetshop’s webshop, a real-time update of balance is triggered, which means that the balance displayed in the webshop is always correct. The information from the webshop is forwarded to an internal or external warehouse for balance reduction or to the financial system for invoicing and matching / settlement against Klarna, Stripe etc.

Through the integration with Jetshop which delivers the webshop where Extend Commerce is the master of all data, Flattered has a structure that is easy to update. At the same time, they can display the right balance and price in the webshop, which is important since customers do not make additional orders as often. If there are goods in the warehouse, the order is sent down to the warehouse which packages and delivers the goods. As soon as a product is picked up in the warehouse, it is allocated and the webshop is updated with a reduced balance, which combines a controlled and automated process.

— Mathias Bredin, Sales Manager, Extend Commerce


Askås has built an integration with Extend Commerce’s API, where Extend Commerce is master of prices and product information, which makes administration centralized and simple. When an order is placed in Askås webshop, a real-time update of the balance is triggered, which means that the balance displayed in the webshop is always correct. The information from the webshop is sent to Extend Commerce where it is validated and then, if there is a balance sent to an internal and or external warehouse. This means that the webshop always shows the right information completely synced with Extend Commerce, which functions as the ERP system.

AutomatiseraMera & Extend Commerce automates billing service payment

Everyone who handles billing service payments knows that it is both time-consuming and tedious work. Extend Commerce can now, together with AutomatiserMera, offer a solution for automating the settlement between Fortnox and payment services such as Klarna, Stripe, Adyen and more.The solution means that transaction data from e-commerce platforms e.g. Shopify is stored in Extend Commerce and linked to the order to make it completely unique.

AutomatiseraMera retrieves the transaction data from Extend Commerce and then uses it to be able to match all orders including return, balance and credit between Fortnox and the payment service during the automated billing process. So, forget about all the hours of work, automate the flow instead!

New integrated sales channels


Extend Commerce has built an integration based on the purchasing system Mirakl API for orders and order updates with balance and price.


Extend Commerce has integrated to the American furniture e-commerce platform Wayfair, which sends orders to Extend Commerce, and Extend Commerce sends balance and invoice back to Wayfair.

New improved order registration page

Extend Commerce launches a brand new order booking page full of new functionality. On this page we have integrated the quick booking so you can quickly place new orders in a few clicks by searching and adding products directly to the search box. You can now also do a more extended product search where we have integrated a variety of filtering options for eg properties (eg color) and product categories. The customer gets an easier overview of what is in stock and how this is economically important. With our new indexed search, the search results are updated in real time based on your filtering, which makes the booking even faster.

You can also directly manage your direct delivery for the order by defining the supplier for the direct delivery on the order line. If you use the automatic purchasing function, the direct delivery is sent immediately to the supplier, without the need to create a direct delivery in the Dropship menu.

The new order booking page will be launched gradually during November and December and all customers will have access to the feature before the end of the year.

Detailed order search with actions!

On the “Search Order Rows” page in Extend Commerce you can now also perform a variety of actions. Here you can change the desired delivery date for the entire order, unreserve, cancel, pick and change priority on the order lines. See which order row have no balance and only send down selected order rows to the warehouse, while other order rows are locked. The possibilities with this page are many!

Return handling 2.0

During 2019, Extend Commerce implemented a number of improvements to streamline and improve the management of return flows. Among other things, we have created a new flow for credit invoices based on the return order.

Now you can define in advance your default setting for how you want to handle credits on returns, such as creating an invoice upon receipt or when a return order is created or maybe when you physically looked at the item and decided whether it should be credit on the return.

Extend Commerce has also added a new API for handling returns, which allows a return from, for example, an e-commerce platform to be received and created in Extend Commerce. Extend Commerce can read the “status” so when the return has been received it is displayed in the webshop.

The Extend Commerce WMS just gets better and better

Extend Commerce wants to offer the best digital WMS system, which is why we place great emphasis on developing features that enable warehouse staff to work more efficiently and faster. Examples of new functionality include that on the order picking page there is now a filter function that remembers your filtering for the next order you pick (at user level). This allows the warehouse operation staff to quickly pick several orders in succession. New is also that the staff easily can find and pick goods as pictures are now used to clarify the picking instructions in connection with the picking assignment on the screen. In addition, more information has been added to the balance list and you as a user can define which columns you want to hide or display.

Extend Commerce also launches a whole new page in the WMS system where you can easily search for orders in the system, new or old. Scan any barcode (order, transport, packaging, etc.) or key in manually to get detailed information about the order and the possibility to perform various actions directly on the order. The feature is especially valuable for those who use the zoning of relay picking process in the warehouse.

More improvements

New pages get new, fresh look

We have developed a new interface that will be used for all new Extend Commerce pages. This will create a homogeneity that makes it easy to navigate the different pages. On these pages there are tables where you can search directly through a table search or with more advanced filters on pages that require this. The new table search makes it quick and easy to find what you are looking for in the table. We have also enabled you to display or hide columns via the gear and be able to move columns in the table so that they end up in the desired order. These settings are user specific.

The status “Pending payment” is removed and replaced with “Invoice sent”

The invoice status “Pending payment” has now been removed and replaced with “Invoice sent”. From a user perspective, there is no direct difference between an invoice being sent and an invoice waiting for payment. We have therefore chosen to integrate the functionality of “Pending payment” into “Invoice sent”. This means improved functionality and user-friendliness for you as a user and makes it easier to find unpaid invoices through the on-page filtering, as well as handling other invoice-related information.

Improved billing setup option

You can now set an invoice setting that specifies whether the invoice should be distributed directly by automation or whether the invoice must be reviewed by a user in the system before it is dispatched.

Search for transactions in Counterfeit Outcome

We have improved the user-friendliness and the search functionality on the Counter Results page. Here you can now search for transactions using its transaction ID, for example, an order number, delivery number or an invoice number etc. This facilitates, for example, finding amounts for a specific transaction.

Improved copy function for products

We have implemented an improvement that allows more data to be moved with when choosing to create a new product based on an existing one with the function “Copy from Product”.


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