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Extend Commerce believes in partnership

"We want you as a customer to be able to choose the reading that is best for you and get help from those who can help you in the best way. Therefore we work with partners."

Mathias Bredin, Sales & Marketing Manager, Extend Commerce

What is partner

Extend Commerce offers a unique and attractive partner program for selected partners. Being part of the partner program gives our partners a number of opportunities to help define, characterize and strengthen functional development between Extend Commerce and each partner.

The partner program makes it possible for our partner customers to access one of the most competent system- and logistics cost systems on the market and at the same time be able to use the various functions that they have previously used at the partner.

In most cases XTND functions are integrated directly and easily into the partner’s existing system landscape, which creates value for the customer and clear revenue for our partners. All rights and obligations are described in a separate agreement.

Want to become an Extend Commerce partner?

Partnership with Extend should be lucrative, straightforward, clear but above all simple for all parties concerned to understand. Extend can offer partnerships in a variety of areas:


Project mgmt. – Operate and lead implementation projects and change mgmt work.

Specification / Solution architecture – Create customer driven development specifications.

Integrations (File / API) – Integration work and standard connections to external data sources.

Education and implementation – End-user training and implementation support.

Configuration – Configuration and activation of Extend functions and modules.

Storefront design – Adaptations around expanding the store front function.

Custom Reports and Documents – Customer-specific documents and reports.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a supplier within one of the above business areas and have a customer base that is in need of our functions.
Want to know more about our partners or become a partner yourself? Contact us