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Together we are strong

We at Extend Commerce think we are good at what we do. And to succeed, one must focus. Therefore, we believe in a future where we can connect services with each other. We call it building its own ecosystem.

Ecosystem - You get what you need

We do not believe in the old-fashioned philosophy of buying a system to solve all problems or to build a system for solving challenges. At Extend Commerce, we have a conviction that as a customer one can create their own ecosystem of services. Almost all of our customers have one or more integrations and they can keep or choose the systems that are leading in each area.

Extend Commerce + X = Business system adapted for you

Today, you can easily create a business system with the Extend Commerce Platform  with ready-made integrations that handles order management, purchasing, B2B shop and warehouse together with Fortnox, which handles bookkeeping and finance. You can also easily connect to CRM, cash register systems and 3PL / warehouse systems and e-commerce platforms to be able to create the modern ecosystem designed to handle multichannel sales.

If you miss anything please contact us

We have chosen to work with Extend Commerce ERP platform as our new business system because we need to scale up and digitize ourselves, be more efficient and build an entire ecosystem of all our various applications such as Shopify and Fortnox. We are super pleased and very happy that we are now equipped to grow really big.

— Elin Alemdar, CEO, Chief of design