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Twilight, when two worlds meet, magic appear!

Have you ever experienced the moment between day and night? When shadows disappear, and things change into a stage of complete composure. In Twilight the world gets a little bit more clam and clear. Some say more beautiful. Others say simply better.

About Twilight

To us, the partnership with Fortnox is a something similar to a twilight stage. New opportunities arise and things that was hidden in shadows reappear. Extend and Fortnox works seamlessly together merging the control of the finance  and advanced order management into one seamless solution.

When two worlds meet, magic arises – therefore our new release was named Twilight.

Supplier invoice matching

Extend and Fortnox now have a smart logic for automatically matching purchases in Extend with supplier invoices in Fortnox, which creates a smooth and easy follow-up. If on a supplier invoice in Fortnox there is reference to a purchase order in Extend, you can see in Fortnox the complete purchase order with status on delivery and among other things purchase price. Both in Extend and Fortnox, you quickly get a good overview of which purchases and supplier invoices have been matched.

Simplified invoice distribution

Extend’s invoice module now provides support for services offered by Fortnox Finans. For example, Fortnox Finans popular service fakturaservice now can be used through a simple setup on the customer in Extend. Invoice distribution will then be fully automated from the fact that invoice data is created in Extend until the invoice is registered and posted in Fortnox.

New version of the B2B webbshop

More and more of our customers are requesting a webshop to be able to offer their customers a portal where they can register orders, view prices and terms, handle invoices and keep track of order status. 

In the latest version of our webshop, the UI has improved and some features have been clarified and improved. New features:

  • Get notification when an item comes into stock.
  • Completely new search via properties on the product eg. color, material or manufacturer. This is managed on the product in Extend Backend and can be customized continuously.
  • A new product page where you as a customer can customize and show up to seven different sections of information. Furthermore, you can choose whether you want large images that are listed vertically.
  • Giftshop, now we have launched functionality to handle one-time purchases via extremely simplified webshop. The customer/user logs in, selects a product and prints ok.-All information about delivery address and traditional cash issues is skipped. This is perfect for those who want to distribute promotions, give gifts or otherwise manage one-time purchases.
  • Support for administering several users from the same company in the web shop, but also the possibility for a user to be able to have several different logins and switch between them.

More improvements


Save search


If you often search for orders with different search parameters and settings, you can now save searches. You as a user do not save the search results but you save the search settings.

Master data validator

Incorrect basic data is a common cause of disturbances and faults in everyday life. Now we have expanded XTND BACKEND with a function that automatically analyzes basic data on your products and customers and sets a status on them. You set up a template for what data you just need, which products are analyzed against. Then you easily get an overview of which products or customers who need to be supplemented with more data to work smoothly.

Extend Commerce offers e-learning

Extend now offers e-learning / online courses to all users. Contact customer service to access the course free of charge. For new customers, the course is given as standard at startup.

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