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We are not a big corporation where you disappear and the days go by without anyone noticing what you are doing or missing you.
No, with us, each person is an important part and your effort counts and makes a difference. We are passionate about helping our customers grow, become smarter and more efficient and that requires commitment, creativity and hard work. If you want to be part of our team and together with us help our customers develop, Extend is the place for you.

-Gabriel Andersson, CEO Extend

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Benefits & Good Things

At Extend we know that our biggest asset is those who work here. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you as an employee enjoy, because a happy employee is a productive employee.


Working with us is incredibly flexible, and no day is the other like. No matter what role you have, you are involved in everything from major strategic deliveries to multinational companies, but also small pragmatic solutions to smaller niche players who are about to grow.


At Extend we think it is important to care for both the head and the body and therefore we make sure that all our employees can train for free. 30-minute wellness every day is included.



A “fika” is more than just a coffee break – it is an opportunity to share, socialize and relax with colleagues. Some of the best ideas and decisions come when you have a “fika”. Therefore, we make sure that there are always fresh rolls every morning!

Personal development

We always work with the latest technology and with great focus on developing new, smarter functions so that we are constantly in the technical front. With us, there is always the opportunity to develop your technical expertise, both in customer projects and in the internal work of making the platform even better.


Extend is in an exciting growth phase and we are constantly changing. This creates great opportunities for our employees to participate in and influence the journey we started. We believe that if you get involved and have influence, you will be stimulated.


All employees at Extend are important and as one in our team one can make decisions and one must be able to take responsibility for their deliveries whether it is large or small. We believe that one grows with responsibility and that it creates stimulus.