Extend enables smart growth platform for Brand Square

Pressrelease, Stockholm 2018.02.12

Extend enables its customers to extend with new features as the company grows continuously. Brand Square gets the opportunity to start small and then scale up the business.  

Extend supplies the market with a cloud-based platform to automatically control and synchronize inventory, sales and order information from multiple partners, channels and markets. This allows Extend’s customers to accelerate their growth and take control of logistics costs, resulting in increased efficiency, better margins and more satisfied customers.

Extend is in an expansion phase, both nationally and internationally, and in line with that, the company has signed new deals with several customers this autumn, including the beauty product importer Brand Square.

 Brand Square is a perfect example of how Extend can help customers to constantly grow. It’s easy to add more features when needed, and we’re helping Brand Square to take a step in the right direction. We are looking forward to help Brand Square to, step-by-step, grow their business, says Mathias Bredin, Head of Sales at Extend.


Brand Square is a newly established company whose business idea is to find foreign brands in the beauty and body care industry and launch them in the Nordic region. Sales are made to retailers. As for now, the company represents the brand Treaclemoon in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. H&M is the first customer to sell Treaclemoon in Sweden and Norway. Brand Square’s long-term goal is to broaden its distribution through multiple products and categories with existing customers, but also to find new customers and new brands.

Brand Square operates multinational and therefore needs to manage, among other things, currencies, which Extend supplies. Extend also supplies Brand Square with a tool that controls purchases, inventory balances, customer and product catalogs, which also automatically send invoice and accounting documents to Fortnox. The invoices and accounts are then handled in Fortnox via the API connection.

The set up with Extend also includes REPA reporting, which creates reports to various organizations to report the amount of recyclable materials that Brand Square uses in its products and packaging.

 I’m really looking forward to have a system that gives me the opportunity to have full control of my transactions and help me in my daily work. I chose Extend because the system is cloud-based which means I have access wherever I am at all times, says Erik Melbinger, Founder & Owner of Brand Square.


For more information about the deal, contact:

Mathias Bredin, Head of Sales, Extend at +46 (0) 73 518 70 62 or e-mail: mathias.bredin@extend.se

Erik Melbinger, Founder, Brand Squre AB,  +46 (0)70 240 14 55 or e-mail erik@brandsquare.se

About Extend

Extend is a Swedish company that has developed a platform for automatic control and synchronization of inventory, sales and order information against multiple partners, channels and markets. Extend’s customers get built-in logic and real-time data to control their business processes. Better information means better decisions to optimize and develop the business. Extend’s platform is completely modular and flexible to extend functionality when you need it. For more information visit www.extend.se

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