Complete platform for professional warehouse management

Inbound, outbound, inventory, mobile units, logic for picking goods, FIFO/FEFO, transportation management and much more.


Extend is a complete and fully fledged system for you that handles professional warehouse operations at a fraction of what similar systems costs,  whether you’re 3PL: are, 4PL: ers having your own inventory, managing a customers or a combination. Our WMS solutions provides the features you needed in a modern warehouse such as; stock replenishment, stock take out, stockpick, mobile devices, logic for pick-sequencing, order allocation FIFO / FEFO, transport management etc.

Inbound & outbound logic

Extends advanced logic to govern inventory,  purchase and distribution. Supports everything from forecast handling to multi level purchase and distribution from different suppliers, prior to customer distribution.

 Lead time calculation & availability control

In Extend you can handle estimated and confirmed lead times on customer orders, purchase orders from supplier etc. This in return provides a superior control of the flow of goods .

 WMS operations

Manage warehouse operationally processes like intake, withdrawal, inventory as well as supporting mobile units. The solution also includes logic for picking composition of such depots, routes, orders composition etc. Stock Orientation FIFO / FEFO and Labeling.

General ledger

A totally integrated ledger, fully automated with the ordering system, credit limits etc.


Managing stocks that physically is handled and controlled by customers. Extends functionality supports a variety of different methods to manage this service.

 Mobile WMS interface

Extends advanced warehouse functions. For those customers who have extensive warehouse operations in-house.

 Web shop

Functionality that can accommodate the full width of the platform, including: availability, directing the customer to specific inventory automatically, backorder handling , handled and presented with responsive design. The Web shop also includes an admin interface and possibility to customize the layout.

 Consignment stock

Ability to set up multiple inventory points and warehouses that can be controlled and managed in the system exactly the same way as a distribution center.

Become an expert in Consignment stock (in Swedish)

 Direct delivery

Optimize with built in logic defined on; product/order/order row or quantity that defines if the order shall be taken from the stock or direct from the supplier.

 Transport administration

Transport Administration can be a pain to get in place. We build this into our solution so you do not have to think about shipping of goods. Just tell me what transporters you want to work with and we’ll do the rest. Extend has finished EDI connections and documents to the largest carriers.

 Service & Return ”Service 8”

Service Management module that enables control of the product from shipping – installation – the return of faulty part – on stock and – out to repair and – back.

Balance Control

With Extend get control of inventory in a outstanding way. Available inventory, Physical inventory, Allocated, Expected

 Route planning / Transport Planner

Manage all steps from order to delivery, allowing you to visually monitor and plan all transport units that you use the. With the mobile application for reporting.

KPI & Daschboard

To be able to follow up on the business is vital if you want to make the right decisions. Our standard reports and dashboards puts you in fully control of your business.

Read more about Analysis & Reporting


We know that almost all our customers want to integrate one or several systems or partners with the Extend Platform. Therefore, Extend is focused on being experts in integration. We have a lot of standard connections to both major ERP players like Magento, WooCommers, Fortnox as well as towards industry players like ICA, COOP and Systembolaget.

We can also integrate all systems by many different formats such as EDIFACT, XML and text . How we communicate also differ. At present we support everything from Web APIs to ftp .

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Industry specific solutions

Extend has customized solutions for many different industries. But we also develop special solutions for functions such as supply, shipping and inventory. In all cases we streamline business processes in an intelligent and flexible way.  And we always help you grow. Learn more about our industry solutions below.





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