Total control of orders and your flow of goods

Get access to advanced order logic. For each customer.

Supply & Order Management

Enabling flexible sales and distribution is our daily business. Extend ensures that order processing, based on various degrees of advanced order logic, are set up and managed at customer level. Order type, replenishment rules, partial delivery, backorders principles, methods of payment, promotions and various transport modes cooperates to give the right price to the customer. Leadtime logic with delivery times from warehouse or suppliers along with pick sequences and in relation to predetermined schedules for fixed delivery days are managed in “real time” in the order management function to give customers the right information about the delivery. We make it super easy for you to quickly expand with new functionality as your business grows and the demands on your logistics increases.

Order handling & logic

Extends advanced order logic is the heart and brain of the logistics system. Order Logic is a central function between buyers and sellers. The Extend order feature operate on all channels in the platform; EDI, web shop, customer service or retailer that integrates the Extend. This makes it possible to always calculate the price or discount in the same way and the balance available is handled and updated in real-time via all channels.

 Purchase logic

Extends advanced logic to govern inventory and purchase.  Supports everything from forecast handling to multi level purchase from different suppliers, prior to customer delivery.

 Lead time calculation & availability control

With Extend you can handle estimated and confirmed lead times on customer orders, purchase orders from supplier etc. This in return provides a superior control of the flow of goods .

Supplier portal & tenders

Do you send a purchase document to your supplier? With Extend, you can let the supplier log on to the purchasing portal. There they can access all the information that you want the supplier to know, like forecasts, documents, drawings, etc.

 General ledger

A totally integrated ledger, fully automated with the ordering system, credit limits etc.

 Multiple warehouses

Supply from several different warehouses. Various assortment on different warehouses, different warehouses supply different geographic markets. All this is controlled via the Extend supply logic

 Automatic inventory calculator

With Extends Automatic inventory movement calculator the system continuously estimates the stock value based on purchase orders, currency exchange rates, existing stock value and actual supplier invoices


Managing stocks that physiclly is handled and controlled by customers. Extends functionality supports a variety of different methods to manage this service.


Creating an efficient flow within different suppliers arranging on-the-shelf articles with articles keept by an external provider.

 Mobile WMS interface

Extends advanced warehouse functions. For those customers who have extensive warehouse operations in-house.

 KPI & Dashboard

To be able to follow up on the business is vital if you want to make the right decisions. Our standard reports and dashboards puts you in fully control of your business.

Read more about Analysis & Reporting

 Inventory control/Availability check

With Extend get control of inventory in a ourstanding way . Available inventory , Physical inventory , Allocated , Expected


Create invoices for your supplier based on what they delivered connected to the purchase agreement.

 Route- & Transport planning

Manage all steps from order to delivery, allowing you to visually monitor and plan all transport units that you use the. With the mobile application for reporting.

 Transport administration

Transport Administration can be a pain to get in place. We build this into our solution so you do not have to think about shipping of goods. Just tell me what transporters you want to work with and we’ll do the rest. Extend has finished EDI connections and documents to the largest carriers.

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Industry specific solutions

Extend has customized solutions for many different industries. But we also develop special solutions for functions such as supply, shipping and inventory. In all cases we streamline business processes in an intelligent and flexible way.  And we always help you grow. Learn more about our industry solutions below.





Custom solutions