Sales and distribution through multiple channels

Full control and automatic synchronization of balances, inventory and order status.

Multi Channel Sales.

If you sell products know that the demands on your flexibility is constantly increasing. Today you have to be able to distribute the goods in many different ways. In addition, you sell through many channels online, physical store and/or through resellers. To then have full control and sync all balances, inventory and order status is not easy and complex. In the Extend platform we solve this in a simple and pragmatic way, without mass overhead or unnecessary Power Points. Think Small, as we say.

Web shop

Functionality that can accommodate the full width of the platform, including: availability, directing the customer to specific inventory automatically, backorder handling, handled and presented with responsive design. The Web shop also includes an admin interface and possibility to customize the layout.

 Consignment stock

Ability to set up multiple inventorypoints and warehouses that can be controlled and managed in the system exactly the same way as a distribution center.

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 3PL Connection

We work with many third-party logistics and has already preconfigured integrations. If you want to use a 3PL that are not currently connected, we can of course add new one.

Lead time calculation & availability control

In Extend you can handle estimated and confirmed lead times on customer orders, purchase orders from supplier etc. This in return provides a superior control of the flow of goods .

 Direct deliveries

Optimize with built in logic defined on; product/order/order row or quantity that defines if the order shall be taken from the stock or direct from the supplier.

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 Transport Administration

Transport Administration can be a pain to get in place. We build this into our solution so you do not have to think about shipping of goods. Just tell me what transporters you want to work with and we’ll do the rest. Extend has standard EDI connections and documents to the largest carriers.

 Inventory control & Availability checks

When using Extend you will get full control of your inventory in a multitude of dimensions like Available- , Physical- , Allocated- and Expected inventory.

 Order handling & logic

Extends advanced order logic is the heart and brain of the logistics system. Order Logic is a central function between buyers and sellers. The Extend order feature operate on all channels in the platform; EDI, web shop, customer service or retailer that integrates the Extend. This makes it possible to always calculate the price or discount in the same way and the balance available is handled and updated in real-time via all channels.

 General ledger

A totally integrated ledger, fully automated with the ordering system, credit limits etc.

 Customer portal & quote

Ability to place a request to the supplier regarding the possibility of deliver and then also activate the purchase on the basis of inquiry. This can be performed manually or electronically integrated.


Ability to send a quote to the customer which if it is accepted automatically will be transformed into an order.


We know that almost all our customers want to integrate one or several systems or partners with the Extend Platform. Therefore, Extend is focused on being experts in integration. We have a lot of standard connections to both major ERP players like Magento, WooCommers, Fortnox as well as towards industry players like ICA, COOP and Systembolaget.

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 Flexibel pricing

With this module you can set up price matrix which means that customers can get prices based on the price lists , discount lists, and those can be grouped per customer category/group. The combinations are endless , but the system always presents the lowest possible price for each customer. Customer-specific price lists can be printed out directly by the customer.

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 International trade

The Extend platform offers several different solutions enabling International trade. Management of VAT within the EU and outside the EU , as well as the ability to manage the country unique handling for various countries such as billing etc can sometime be a challange. Our module has all the support you need to get it 100% correct.

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 KPI & Dashboard

To be able to follow up on the business is vital if you want to make the right decisions. Our standard reports and dashboards puts you in fully control of your business.

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The Punch Out technology is a solution that enables a smart relationship between a salesperson’s own e-commerce and the buyer’s features in their procurement systems. It’s about the purchasing system creating a login to the e-commerce system and then the user is using the seller’s e-commerce sites to make their purchases.

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 Service & return ”Service 8:t”

Service Management module that enables control of the product from shipping – installation – the return of faulty part – on stock and – out to repair and – back.

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Extend provides market specific solutions to many different industries but we also customized special solutions within. Maintenance & Repair, Ship Spare Parts logistics and Warehouse management. However, what is common to all our solutions is that we streamline business processes in an intelligent and flexible way. To learn more about our industry solutions will find them below.





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