Take integrations for granted!

Integration of business processes and digital information is not only paramount. It is easy.

API – Integration – EDI

We believe that the future will consist of  various “ecosystem” of services, each one experts in their specific process and talking to each other. Given that you need multiple systems. Being able to easily connect business processes and information electronically is therefore super important. Extend is  focused in having many standard connections, integrations to both other systems to key industry players.


Standard API:s

We have standard connections to many different ERP systems and major industry players. It is a priority and central part of our strategy to make it easy to integrate various systems.

  • Fortnox
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Ica / Coop / Axfood
  • Systembolaget

Flexible formats

Integrations are supported by  many different formats. such as EDIFACT, XML and CSV. Which one to use differs depending on industry and markets. For us that is not a problem since we work with everything from Web API:s to FTP.

  • EDIFact
  • XML
  • Text
  • Excel

Flexibel communication

How we communicate, ie exchange data between systems differ based on what options you have. Listed below are a few different ways to communicate the information.

  • Http & Https
  • Web API
  • FTP & FTPS
  • Mail

Learn more about our API:s and integration in our knowledge centre! Read more

Standard API:s

At Extend we make it easy to connect to different systems.
For most parts we even have integrations ready to go.


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Industry specific solutions

Extend has customized solutions for many different industries. But we also develop special solutions for functions such as supply, shipping and inventory. In all cases we streamline business processes in an intelligent and flexible way.  And we always help you grow. Learn more about our industry solutions below.





Custom solutions