Digitizing analog services with Extend

For more than 10 years we have helped customers with digital transformation of accounting and finance.


The Extend platform there provided all the support needed to manage financial processes and procedures . With the help of quality features, which follow the ISO 27000 standard, our customers can now handle everything from billing , accounts receivable , consolidated accounting to electronic credit of various assets. All transaction management follows the stringent requirements of the financial industry and external audited annually by our customers. If you use these functions you focus on business processes rather than accounting.

 Distribution of customer invoices

Extend can distributed invoices in many different ways. E-mail, electronic invoicing and EDI via the print house or manually, ie printing and letter. Everything interacts and is controlled based on the rules of customer, order types, payment methods and means of distribution.

Creating customer invoices

To create an invoice can be done in many different ways, above all, on many different occasions. Extend handles the regulatory framework so that invoices, created either manually or automatically during order entry, are associated with picking a receipt from the store, or when the supplier has confirmed the delivery of direct delivered items.


A totally integrated ledger, fully automated the ordering system, credit limits etc.


Do you have an integrated process with your supplier, where purchase prices are exchanged between you and the supplie along with an integrated process in which you acknowledge receipt of the goods with high quality? Then you can use the Extend services for self-billing from the supplier. The service is automated.

 General ledger

Extend does not replace an accounting system, Extend manages business processes and interact with accounting. Extend logs everything that happens as transactions, all transactions that have a financial impact also runs through the accounting regulations and based on this accounts numbers and cost centers in each transaction is stored.

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 Group Accounting

For large companies, with activities in different legal entities/countries, we use an extra dimension in the regulations before communicating with the accounting systems takes place. A major application for Extend is to build corporate processes without the need for group-wide accounting.

 Inventory evaluation

How do you evaluate your current inventory? In Extend, we can handle different valuation of inventory; manually, last known purchase price, and according to the FIFO principle. The difficulty in getting accurate stock values both individual item and the total in many cases originates from the fact that the purchase price usually is not exactly known at the reception and when the vendor invoice, with the correct purchase price arrives, all or part of the stock is already being consumed.

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Industry specific solutions

Extend has customized solutions for many different industries. But we also develop special solutions for functions such as supply, shipping and inventory. In all cases we streamline business processes in an intelligent and flexible way.  And we always help you grow. Learn more about our industry solutions below.





Custom solutions