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Multi Channel Sales

If you sell products you know that the demand on your flexibility as a supplier is constantly increasing . Today you have to be able to distribute the goods in many different ways . In addition, you sell through many channels online , physical store and / or through resellers . In this situation, to have full control and sync all balances , inventory and order status is not easy and simple. In Extend Supply Chain Platform we solve this

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Supply Chain & Order Management in realtime

Flexible sales and distribution is our daily business. Extend ensures that order processing is based on various degrees of advanced order logic that are set up and managed at customer level . Order type , supply types , partial delivery , backorders principles , methods of payment , promotions and transport modes in combination in order to provide the right price to the customer. Lead time logic with delivery times from warehouse to customer from suppliers including pick&pack in relation to predetermined schedules for fixed delivery days is synced in real time.

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Extend is a complete system for you that handles professional warehous and stock operations, regardless if  you as a 3PL  or 4PL  have your own stock or a combination. Our WMS solutions manage the features needed in a modern warehouse such as; replenish, orderpicking, stockpick, inventory control, mobile devices , logic for pick – composition, reservation principals FIFO / FEFO , transport management etc.

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In Extend there is much litigation support to manage financial procedures . All transaction management follows the stringent requirements of the financial industry and external audited annually by our customers. If you use the Extend can be focus on business processes rather than accounting

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Analysis & reporting

In Extend are scores of business-critical data that can help you make smarter decisions . In a simple and transparent way to monitor the activity is crucial to make the right decisions and develop.

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You need multiple systems , thats just a fact . Being able to easily connect business processes and information electronically is therefore extremely important. Extend is focused on having many ready-made connections to other systems as well as to the industrial players as possible. Read more about how we work with integrations and the standard connections we have.

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