This is Northern Light

According to Nordic mythology The Northern Light is an omen of good news. But if you ask the ancient Inuit it is the exact opposite - a token of danger and hard times to come. And just like our ancestors we’ll let the Northern Light guide you. Immediately alerting you when there is disturbance ahead. Providing you peace of mind when everything is smooth.

The new Extend BI & Dashboard helps you visualize and take control of your daily operations and see how you perform towards predefined targets. It’s a tool for both an omen of good news, and a token of danger. That’s why we named the release Northern Light!

Total overview & control

The new Extend BI & Dashboards puts you in total control. Every variation, every deviation gets exposed before they even occur - creating a situation awareness, customized to suit your specific needs. The dashboard allows you to take control of your data in order to make the right decisions for your business. The real time Dashboard lets you focus on deviations in your logistics, inventory, sales and more. This makes the supervision of your business easy to monitor.

  • Customize KPI:s and targets based on your business needs

    Select your key KPI:s and the dashboard will automatically provide you with your data. Your KPI:s will display your business in graphs and numbers in the dashboard along with our, easy to use, alert system that keeps you notified on how the different KPI:s are performing.

  • Real time data and notifications at deviations, keep you in control

    To be in control means that you know what’s happening when it happens or even before. This support you to be proactive in your business decisions. The Extend Bi & Dashboard will keep you in constant control since we present the data in real time. We also believe that to be efficient you should focus on the deviations and get alerted when things tends to go outside the ordinary and forecasted. That’s why we created the possibility to define and customize your alerting points for each selected KPI.

  • Easy-to-use interface and possibility to export data to your own applications

    The new BI and Dashboard functionality is easy-to-use and you can easily export your data in Excel format if you prefer doing the data analysis in your own BI application.  If you are interested in learning more about the feature you can view our web tutorial at: Webtutorial BI & Dashboard or read more in or Manual and Knowledge center at: Description KPI:s

Super power.
X-ray vision.

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The new Extend dashboard helps you visualize and take control of your daily operations and see how you perform towards your targets. Every variation and deviation gets exposed before they even occur.
- So don't hesitate, try it! And get in control!

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