This is Morning Dew

The most evident representation of freshness in the new WMS application is that it digitalizes your warehouse processes. No matter where - or on which device you work, you get a complete overview. The WMS application is 100% flexible and can be further integrated with a large number of different application like e-commerce platforms and accounting solutions like Fortnox.

Some say morning dew is magic. Others say it represents happiness. To us, it’s a fresh way of managing your business. New thoughts. New opportunities by gaining total transparency regardless of how you work and what tools you are using.

Get flexible and in control

The new digital WMS application is 100% flexible and can be further integrated with a large number applications like e-commerce platforms and accounting solutions. This will streamline and optimize your business since all parts of your information is synced. The application is easy to adjust and expand whether you manage your warehouse, have consignment stock or have a third-party solution. Extend supports your logistic process. The ability to scale up and adjust to new demands and requirements makes our application completely unique.

  • Operational excellence, making your daily work efficient with superior quality and control

    Our Extend Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides high efficiency and a competitive edge . The secret is that Extend, one of the leading providers, has combined a streamlined application to minimize workload with a digitalized best practice process in each and every step of your daily work.

    You will experience operational excellence driven by superior warehouse overview and control. Outstanding data quality avoiding manual errors when performing pick and pack. Automized scanning driven processes visualizing productivity gains, at the same time making the process person independent. The entire process is handled digitally via PDAs, scanners and PCs. The customer’s needs and demands always determine how and which ones are used. Some of our large scale customers have a full scanning driven process while smaller warehouses often prefer PDA, mobile phones  and manual typing.

    This segment can now utilize the new Extend WMS application designed for businesses with less complex business models yet with the ability to handle the same requirements as a full scale WMS. Key features in the App include inventorying, outtake and receiving goods all synced to Extend and Fortnox.


  • Flexibility, perfect today, perfect tomorrow!

    Our modern world is in constant change, making fast adjustments essential. A key benefit with WMS is the flexibility it brings the customers. Since WMS is a cloud based application, customers can access it through any hand held device – laptop, terminal etc – without any hassle of installing and maintaining the application locally.

    Another appreciated feature is the unlimited number of users each customer can utilize when working with the application. Making sure things get done instead of consuming admin time managing user accounts.

    We are all different – some customers have basic needs – others require more complex warehouse management functionality. With this background, we developed the WMS Enterprise application which brings additional flexibility to your existing warehouse. Also adding additional Warehouses as well as users and features.

    Consequently, the application has proven for customers who need a Warehouse Management System adaptive to their never ending changing business requirements, regardless if you are a professional 3PL or a smaller e-commerce company with your own warehouse.

  • Configurable, making it match your needs 

    The Extend WMS can be configured to support a broad range of Logistic set-ups. Our customers today utilize the platform to carry out traditional 3PL operations for multi customers including receipt, pick & pack and transport booking. We know that time is money why the solution is optimized to make actions as fast and smooth as possible. One example is that the whole pick-process can be scan driven to minimize clicks. In addition to the bulk and standard operations in the warehouse, the application supports handling of additional services in connection with the warehouse operations. For instance, the possibility to configure products or different packaging and wrapping makes it possible to offer special gift wrappings etc to fit customers demands.  One of our customers is using this feature to deliver customized charging stations to Tesla in Denmark.

    The WMS can also be configured to support logistic concepts like Consignment stock and Vendor Manage Inventory (VMI) which is logistic concepts that can be extremely efficient and a competitive advantage.

    This makes our application the perfect WMS for users which require high system adaptability regardless of requirements.

Get digitalized and focus on your growth!

Extend is 100% flexible and can be integrated with a large number of application like e-commerce platforms and Fortnox making your business streamline and efficient since your business information is synced.

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