Easiest way to implement? One step at a time.

We have learned that implementations that takes place step-by- step , with a clear focus on the real problem is the best way to succeed .

When you want to implement a new business tool it is much to think about

All project-intensive companies that have tried to implement a new tool in its organization know that it can be both exhausting and time-consuming process. Extend has extensive experience in taking the project as quickly and easily as possible through the implementation process so that valuable time and resources are is left to prepare and train staff.

Areas addressed by our implementations and training experts are among other things documentation, risks, processes, roles/responsibilities and planning connected to:

  • How the data is imported into the new tool?
  • How do we get with the staff in the new process?
  • How will staff be trained?
  • What features will the new tool to take over from the tools used today

With Extends proven “Step-by-Step” model these issues are handled in a structured way. This reduces the cost of implementation while the quality increases. Our experts will help you in getting started with our system through our educational programs and and make sure you get answers to your questions in order to ensure you get a smooth everyday

Mikael Resare


Martin Fransson

Implementation & Project Management

Steen König 


Josefin Qvillert

Implementation & Education

Fredrik Hansen

Project Manager

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