Providing digital transformation for financial services

We have digitized analog processes for more than 10 years
for client such as Santander and Nordea.

The reasons for using Extend

We are the  “webshop” provider,  for the finance companies meaning that we are the front-end, which supports you to sell your services through partners and can support them to manage the business effectively. Within our e-credit you can create offers, manage regulatory framework for interest calculations, set your own decision support models and simulation capabilities etc.


With Extend you can streamline your business dramatically. Our functions like sales contract information seemlessly moved to your billing system in combination with real time validation towards customer specific decision-making models driver down manual handling and improves quality of service.



Central platform

Extend works as a complete collaboration platform for financial services relating to credit i.e., services such as leasing, hire purchase and invoice lending and factoring are all managed in one place.


Security & Accountability

Extend is a cloudservice that is constantly being revised and reviewed by external parties and institutions, so you can rely on us.

Since we provide our services in the cloud all the development we have done thru out the years is available to for all our customers as accumulated knowledge and functionality support. And with hundreds of processes which are managed on a daily basis in the platform we provide access to thousands of hours of problem solving, as well as sharing model of cost in relation to operations that brings good “value for money” in relation to the high demands set by the industry.


Ready-made connections

The Extend platform ( formerly called Smart Work ), provides many ready standard connections with leading providers for calculation of credit decisions . This makes it easier and cheaper for you to get started with our platform.


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Extend eKredit

Santander Bank is a market leader in car leasing. Based on a long collaboration we have developed a fully digitized credit solution called eKredit. Now available for all Extend finance customer.

Read more about the solution (in Swedish)

Our features enables credit management

We are the finance companies “webshop” provider, ie we are the front-end, which means that they can sell their services through partners and can support them to manage their business effectively. Within our e-credit they can create offers, manage regulatory framework for interest calculations, set their own decision support models and simulation capabilities in order to support the finance company or partner to optimize the business. Extend provides support to make it economically rational, and ensures the customers can set their own criteria for credit decisions. Since Extend (previously under the name Smart Work) worked in the industry for many years we know the workflow processes and in the end we create a complete credit agreements which companies can use in their  billing process in order to stay ahead of competition.

 Distributed decisions

Taking a decision is easy. To administer and monitor regulatory framework for quality assurance and monitoring of why the decision was taken and the grounds on which the decision was taken, is more difficult. When using the Extend Distributed decision feature, you can set up rules for how a decision may be taken ( so-called scoring models ). Provide users throughout the organization with tools to make decisions in real time when having the customer in front of you. Meanwhile all known data about the decision is stored and Extend ensures that the data can be recreated.


Extend use BankID as signing method when the form is to be signed in a legally sustainable way.

 Form Design

Form Design is all about traditional design of forms. Extend normally design forms for digital use, but many forms are also legal documents and must be printed exactly as the design is on the screen. This requires both knowledge and the right tools.


Extend provide services for integrated print functions.


eKredit ™ our most advanced application of “integrated form logic”. Extend have packaged this as a complete service for managing the entire business process of financial contracts, such as rental, leasing and hire purchase agreements. The platform handles the decision making of the creditor, the borrower and the work process of the retailer of the credit.

 Integrated Form Logic

We are incorporating logic, connections to other data sources and interacts with public data services. All this to be able set up advanced applications of the business process in connection with the use of digital forms. Forms have a legal value, unlike a “normal” page in an IT-system.


Use Extend Workflow for building workflows for digital forms within or outside your organization. Certification Feeds, approval, and other similar steps are common in a workflow for forms. All forms are stored archival, both in terms of form, design and content (metadata). The data is stored on our servers located in Sweden. Extend manage information security under ISO / IEC 27000th.

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Our customers well being is depending on their processes, that administrative and operational flows are optimized, and that everyday rolls smoothly. That is what we deliver.


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