Custom solutions
with a perfect fit.

More than 20 years of problem solving experience
makes us confident that we can solve your most complex problems.

Solving your problem. And increasing your ROI.

Solving complex problems does not mean building complex solutions. It’s about breaking it down and taking it step by step. Our modular platform can quickly be adapted and easily developed in order to solve the most complex of processes. Also we optimize your current systems and processes, thus reducing risk and increasing ROI. Try us out today.


Extend with functions when you need them

You don’t need to change your existing system. You need to Extend it. Our modular platform can expand on existing enterprise systems and create a composite solution. Cheaper and better than you would think was possible. It is a simple idea. Focus on what you want to achieve and activate functions that do that when you need them.

All the power and space you need.

It is always a worry that advanced solution will be difficult to scale as much as needed in the future. With Extend this is not an issue. With all functionality in the cloud, and a service that may never be slower than the fastest transaction, you are always up to date and up and running. With all customers sharing the same infrastructure we make sure that customers with special solutions have access to extra power and space when needed.

Take it to the bank.

From day one we have known that the highest priority for our customers is availability and functionality of mission-critical activities. That’s why every part of Extend is built according to best practices and ISO 27000. A choice that has made us trusted to manage data and business logics for large companies in the financial sector.

Faster implementation. Lower risk.

All custom solutions incur a risk that it will not succeed and therefor waste invested time and money. In many cases with Extend, we already have most of the technology ready to go. This means shorter implementation times and lowered project risks. It also means you can focus 80 % of your project resources on training and change management instead of on technology. Like we think it should be.

Tracking cost of ownership.

We know that investment in IT has a reputation for being both more expensive and complex than what was originally intended. Our model is unbeatable when it comes to avoiding nasty surprises both in terms of implementation and operation. As a customer of Extend you’ll always know and keep track of your total cost of ownership.

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