About Extend

Extend is a Swedish company that has developed a platform to automatically control and synchronize inventory, sales and order information from multiple partners, channels and markets.

Our customers get embedded logic and real-time data to control their business processes. Better data means better decisions in order to optimize and grow your business. Our platform is fully modular and flexible in order to extend functionality when you need it to. And of course you only pay for what you use.

Think Small. Extend.

The Extend Platform

A master data freeway for all your order, article, sales, supply, transportation and warehouse information.

Automatically synchronizing multiple logical processes and data from both internal and external sources in the same platform.

Cloud based for easy access.

Independent and flexible in order to integrate with all other business systems, online stores and other systems.

This creates transparency, control and support for advanced automated processes.

Our values

TRANSPARENCY. Honesty, openness and straightforward

FLEXIBILITY. Freedom of choice, Adaptability & forward thinking

MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Responsible, trustworthy & dependable.

As experts in logistics we make our customers grow

  • Strategical expert consultation.
    Our experts help you to find your problems and then the solutions to fix them.
  • Implementation, education & support.
    Getting you to work quickly and giving you answers to all your questions. Our support will keep your work day flowing.

  • Experts on integrations.
    We have integrations for multiple systems and dedicated experts making new ones every day.
  • Development & customization. We are technical specialists with an expertise in systems support and a focus on business processes.

Get to know more!

Give our CEO Gabriel Andersson a call on +46 763 101 929 or send him an e-mail on gabriel.andersson(a)extend.se

“Don’t just trust your instinct. The important thing is to have control and keep track of all the small details. It’s not easy. But it’s possible.”

Martin Fransson, Co-founder Extend

The people behind the magic

Here you’ll find all the people that makes all the difference.

Gabriel Andersson


Pontus Carme

Head of Product Development

Martin Fransson

Head of Implementation & Projects

Mathias Bredin

Head of Sales & Marketing

Martin Hagman

Head of Development & Operations

Göran Enström

Head of Business Development and KAM

Lotta Eisenschmidt

Consultant – Service & Support

Asta Omarsdottir

Consultant – Service & Support

Miranda Johansson

Finance Assistant

Mikael Resare

Product Specialist

Kenneth Malmgren

Software Developer

Josefin Kvillert

Implementation & Education

Lasse Sääf

Software Developer

Muhammad Jawad

Software Developer

Peter Danielsson

Software Developer

John Olofsson

Software Developer

Wolf-Marten Borgmann


Steen König


Joakim Petersson


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